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on 3-31-10 at 8.30am they call me up about a payment that i was i told them i have surgery they say the dont care i told them i receive a personal check from someone and i am going to deposit and it will and it will clear by 5pm and i can able to make a payment by tomorrow they say they dont give a dam a about the next day they need it by 10pm today i say okay miss she say dont call me no miss call me jennifer i told her i was giving her the respect by calling her miss she say i am going to hang the phone up i told her find i do not think i was treated right i was like a victim to them she say you have 2 bounce check i know in myself i only give them my bank card once so how can i have 2 i have all my doctor note to prove that i have back i am going to take this higer


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doesn't matter if you have back surgery. you still need to pay your bills. duh


Tell them to go straight to ***.



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