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I was two payments in arrears, the dirt bags repossed my vehicle. When the slobs who took it, in the middle of the night by the way, they screwed up my steering.

Rep from Drive told me to file a claim, what the *** did she think I was calling for? They are a bunch of scumbags, thiefs. They take advantage of the consumer. I realize that I have lousy credit, unfortunately it has be a result of going through a divorce and my current wife battling cancer and unable to work.

We have six children between us, our 14 year old having multiple handicaps.

We try hard to make ends meet, but unfortunately, life has hit us hard. This loan is like the never ending loan from ***.

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I was 2 payments behind and made a make up paymentand the next day they repo'd mine. I told the repo man that but he said to take it up with drive.

I called them and they wanted the payment i was behind plus an additional payment. I told them to keep the F***ing thing then.


OMG! They actually repossessed your car for not making 2 payments?

If all of this is true, then you should have called them and told them. With the economy so bad, financers are more than willing to work with anyone who makes an attempt to stay in contact with them. They don't want your car, they have too many.

As far as the damage, it is wrong, and it can be fixed,if you handle it properly. That's what the *** repossession companies that are doing their job of taking back unpaid property have insurance for.


The last comment made that the car is not yours until you pay for it, you are a clown dude, don't you have any compassion for others. The man has a sick wife, child. Yeah, there are others out there that play the system but dude, have some sense.


It really sucks for bad times, But they are just doing there job!! Its really not your car it you don't pay for it.


My car was also damaged when the scumbags reposessed my car also. I wish I would have know how lousy the comapny was before I went with them.

Well I guess I didn't have a choice because of my poor credit due to Identity theft.

Can we do something about this horrible company ??? They are theifs and they keep charging me for reposession fees that I have paid three times.

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