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Attn: President of Drive Financial Services

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing with a financial complaint that has effected my checking account. On 09-25-08, I called your company to set up payment arrangements for my account. At the first attempt, I spoke with a customer service representative by the name of Alexis. After going through the process, of verifying all my information. The use of my sister's checking account became an issue. She told me that she would need verbal authorization in order to do this. I informed her that documentation should be in the computer in reference to this because it had become an issue in the past. Well, in spite of what I told her she told me that she could do it. At this point, I told her that I would call back. Later that afternoon, I called back on 9/25/08 and spoke with Juwanna and made the arrangements to have my sister's account (with her authorization) debited on October 3, 2008 in the amount of 537.35 with a processing fee of 10.95. Juwanna processed the transaction and was given a confirmation number. She repeated the information, and I also repeated it back that the account would be debited on October 3, 2008 to her. She stated that was corrected. Well, on 09/29/08, the account was debited for the above amount. At this point, I called customer service and spoke with a customer service representative by the name of Sandy. This is where the complication started. I explained to her my situation, she kept trying to come up with excuses for the mistake. After much debated and the raising of my blood pressure, she apologized for the mistake that was made on the company's behalf and insisted that I stop payment on the transaction. I asked her why should I have to fix a mistake that was made by the company.

The cost for making a stop payment is 30.00, which I don't have. I informed her that wouldn't be acceptable. She then told me that she would let me speak with a supervisor and placed be on hold. After a complete hour of holding from 1:07 pm central time to approximately 2:07 pm central time the system disconnected me. This brought about much frustration.

I do not feel that my complaint to the customer service representative and supervisor was a big enough issue for them to take on. I feel as a customer that I should be compensated in some form to correct this matter. I had to beg to borrow monies from different individuals to correct this problem. I am not satisfied with the customer service that I received. I will be informing my family and friends of my experience with this company. I must add that I am not one to complain. Actually, this is the first complaint that I have ever done in my live. If you would please assist me in this matter.


Lawronicka Brantley

Monetary Loss: $548.

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These motherF'ers are criminals. Terry and the gang, your disgusting behavior will return back to you all seven fold.


I was late once and was charged a late fee of nearly $60.00 I paid it and the following month made a regular payment. than these last two months have been charged a late fee even when its on time.

I called and they said its because they didnt charge me enough when I was late 4 months ago they have to collect it now and its seems like a lot because its other late fees have now been added ( So they say).

I got no where but pissed with them you can not get a stright answer from them. they are the absolute worst, sorry for any poor souls who have to deal with these creeps.

Janesville, California, United States #51347

I purchased a car from drive in Feb 08. The sticker price was 14000 for a 2007 Chrysler Sebring.

Not my first kind of auto but according to the dealer, accept what you can get and its the price you have to pay for poor credit. Beside that, the dealer informed me that the Sebring was the ONLY car that the bank would finance me for. SO, I put down $1000 cash and for some mysterious reason was charged 2 fees of $10.95 on the same day as the transaction (charged me a service fee to sell me a car and accept my downpayment. IT GETS BETTER.

I have a monthly payment of $421.86. During Jan 09 I worked out of state and was a few days (6) making a car payment. I recieved about 14 calls to remind me that I was late (calls started the day the payment was due). Upon arrival to my home, I grabbed the mail to view the Drive Cartel invoice and noticed the "access your account online" invitation.

I did just that. I built a profile and accessed my account to find out that of the 13 payments totaling $5062.32 plus the $1000 down payment ONLY $1143.56 had been applied to the principal balance. In addition theres $65.70 in fees which i dont agree with but will accept. This means that of the total $6072.32 that I have forked over on a $14,000 car, only $1143 has been applied to the balance and the rest is interest.

As it turns out I actually owe more on the car than I did when i bought it 13 months ago.

The new ending balance as of 1/29/09 is $14,531.45......NOT THE MENTION THAT THE #@$!@ CAR HAS BEEN IN THE SHOP 5 TIMES SINCE I BOUGHT IT.....WTF.. NOW IM MAD


ohhh ya they always try to get me to post date a check . i will not ever trust them and will not ever post date a check to thier sorry butts, rude mother ***


EXACTLY!!! They did the SAME to me..without my permission, lucky for me I had money in the bank.

Because of my credit in the past, and I needed an auto immediately, this was the only company that would lend me..for that Im thankful. BUT let me say its for 26% interest!! I decided to go with that and pay off the car in a year, working an extra job. The original loan was for 12000, I put 4000 down, leaving 8000.

IF I pay on this car for 5 years the amount will be nearly doubled. SOO, every month I make 2 maybe 3 payments..which was agreed on when I purchased the car. They give me such a difficult time EVERY month, not wanting to except the extra payments. Each month its the same thing, they tell me they cant accept the extra, and after arguing back and forth, and paying the 10.95 processing fee, the do it.

Until the next month again.

I have even found errors on their calculations, so be careful. ITS A HORRIBLE COMPANY to have to deal with, and the customer service people are very rude..and unexperienced it seems.

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