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I applied for a high interest rate auto loan. Drive Financial approved the loan calculated a payment that I agreed to only to deny my loan based on the fact that I am being treated for a work related injury.

I was advised that I did not qualify due to my disability. I argued the fact that I was not disabled and if my injury could not be remedied I would not be unemployed due to a disability I WOULD MEDICALLY RETIRE and could pay the loan off in cash with cash out from work leave credits.

I also argued the fact that I would still recieve monthly income comparable to what I recieve now. They still refused to work with me.

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Sedalia, Missouri, United States #1306862

Unfortunately, what you would do and could do are not guarantees of payment. Many people could or would do what you want to, but many others would say it and then not do it.

These people at this business do not know you personally and cannot just take what you say at face value.

Businesses must protect themselves from loss of revenue and unfortunately, just because (and I am taking your comments at face value because I can afford to and also because I tend to believe people until they give me a reason not to) you have a fine moral character and would do what is right and just, so many others would not and the business has to draw lines of what they will and won't do so they can serve the greatest number of people without driving themselves out of business at the same time. I salute your honesty and integrity and wish you the best of luck.

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