We continually get calls from this company..We do not have loans with them..Ford and Citibank only..My car credit is perfect. Why do they continualy call????

Any suggestions???

None of our immediate family has outstanding car loans either,yet they oontinue, am sending my complaint to the Texas AG and contacting the Feds also.

CAlls come in from Dallas and caller ID says sander something.

Checked on line with the last phone call where they are calling my business line, thus disrupting my admin's day!

I am sure they have better things to do. What a poor company!!!

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Seekr is correct Santander bought Citi's portfolio and is now collecting their loans through Drives servicing center, but they should not be contacting you if you are not delinquent unless it is a courtesy call to let you know about the change. Also the terms stay the same from your original contract with Citi there should be no extra fees or changes.

I would check to make sure that there was not a glitch during the changeover IE Citi took a payment that should have been for Santander (their fault not yours) because it will be your responsability to straighten it out and it will accrue interest and charges and hurt your credit. Also I have noticed that these bought out loans are sometimes being reported by both Santander after the fact which makes it look like you have more than one auto loan.

Hope this helps


Citi sold its auto loan accounts to Santander, which operates Drive Financial. They are servicing your loan now.


Call them back

1.Tell representative you are recording the conversation check your state law (in Massachusetts you have get consent to record).

2. give your name and phone number

3. tell them you owe nothing to them and tell them to stop calling you.

trust me it works if they know what is good for them

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