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I had got behind on my car payments due to illness and being out of work. They called me 24/7 and sent me a bill for 5 payments to catch up.

I sent them the money. I called them today and asked why I haven't received my current bill. Ms. Williams said they charged the car off.

I said what happened to the money I sent you. She said I could send the whole amount, but it wouldn't matter the car has been charged off and they want me to return it. Why did they let me get current and give them all that money. Do I have to return the car?

What can I do? It doesn't sound legal.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I would contact an attorney right away! first get the proof that they accepted the money and cashed the check, then show where you were then current, and sue the *** out of them!


All I see on this website is people dogging Drive financial, but the people are the ones being late on their payments. Quit crying and pay your **** on time and you want have any problems.

Ive been a customer for 3 years and I have not had any problems with them. Yes the customer service sucks and the interest is outraguous, but Im paying for my mistakes with high interest and now I pay my bills on time.

So quit crying and pay your *** on time. :grin

Experiment, Georgia, United States #54266

I think that was the first thing I did . Hello !!!!!

Thats why I m upset. They received the money.

Evinston, Florida, United States #54217

If they received the money it would have been paid off, 9 times out of 10 the payment thats in the mail mysterioulsy disappears,check the bank to see if they check was cashed, there's and idea!!!

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