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Federal Trade CommissionConsumer Response Center600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20580

Cc: Santander Consumer USA Inc. P.O. Box 562088Suite 900Dallas, TX 75247

Dear, Sirs: My name is John A. Sorley, XXX-XX-XXXX and I would like to lodge a formal complaint with your office regarding my auto account with Drive Financial. Since starting my new job I have been about five days late on my car payment to Drive Financial for the past few months. What this means is that the car note is due on the 16th of the month, yet (because of the time of the month that I just happen to be paid) I have to pay that month’s payment on the 21st of that month. This month I paid my car note today. But today, as with yesterday and before I received numerous phone calls from the Collections Department at Drive Financial. Today I received four phone calls alone. On the Fourth phone call from 888-222-4227 at 8:26pm tonight, the Customer Service Rep was disrespectful and condescending (as is the case every time I have to deal with Drive Financial).I am sick of their harassment techniques, their multiple phone calls, and their disrespectful, condescending attitude towards their customers, especially customers such as myself who makes his payment each month.First, I am requesting to file a formal complaint with your office. Second, if your office is unable to rectify the problem wtih Drive Financial I will file a formal complaint with the Texas State Attorney General’s Office. Third, although my car payment is current (money order mailed to their office today and they will receive and process it this Friday), if they want me to initiate a voluntary repossession (although affording the car note is not an issue). I will be happy to.Look forward in hearing from you.


John A. Sorley

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I have bought two cars from them made the payments I agreed to, on the dates I agreed to. They have never called me, never repoed my car, never charged me late charges! See how that works.


i agree with class action. i filed chapter 7 in oct 2010 and it was understood that i could keep the vehicle if i signed a reaffirmation agreement.

the agreement never came, and they repossesed the vehicle and are tryin to hang me with a balance, is that legal? comments welcome.


i got a car with these a$$ holes about a month and a half ago they call me two days ago to tell me they messed up on the paperwork so they are retracting the contract and not gonna pay the dealer so i have to return the car i hvae had for over a month. on top of that they were rude like i was the one who messed up their paper work i did everything i was suppose to do and now im stuck in ga alone with three kids and no car because (i forgot to add i already sold my old car.


I got my car on 12/17 and the payment wasn't due til jan 1 supposedly on my next pay day for Jan. My next day for Jan was Jan 11 so they made my payday jan 1st and i didn't pay and paid on my next pay period which was Jan11 and i made th next payment on Jan 27 which it wasn't due til jan 28th.

In early morning hours they picked up the car saying i was more than 10 days behind. They said they would refund my 340.00 which they did and kept my down payment so they are running scam to get the car and then say you are late so the can get the car and keep your down payment then resell the car for more than it worth and get another down payment then do the process over and over again which should be illegal.




I bought my car in 2004 paid all of the notes on time everytime but when it was time for me to get my title they told me that I still owe them $6k. How I asked when I over paid for the car.

The price of the car was 8k but i paid them 14k. And all of the notes have been paid. All they said was can you prove it. I was like WTF of course I can prove it.

I sent them copies of all the payments and they still wont give me my title but instead told me that my car was up for recollect. I told them as soon as they drive up to get it they better have a check with my name on it with every payment I ever sent them. Now its 2011 and they have it on my credit as a write off.. I dont know what to do.

I wish the government would close them down. They CSR are rude as a mug. And they dont give you the right information. Its a crime shame how they treat their customers and a bigger crime the way they try to get over on people.

I have been living at the same address for the past 10 years and if the car was up for collection then why havent they came n picked it up.. Cause they full of SH**..

Captain Cook, Hawaii, United States #237299

I am having the same issues with them! :(


I paid drive time for three years well over the monthly payment , And they still say i owe 8,000., I have a 2001 the price they stuck me with was 15,000. Because i was bankruptcy .

Ginger was not helpful and her side kicks really screwed up my credit so now Am stuck with drive time, I reported them to BBB, All I got was they were to never harass me again, But they still e-mail every month ready to nail ya to the wall. Ginger said it was her car personally and she wanted back .


That's right they stole it. All of the papers where signed, everything checked out (so they say) they took my $2000 deposit.

I drove away in my nice new Mustang. Well three weeks later I lost my job.

Drive actually called me and said I had to bring the car back because my then current financial state. Would they have taken the car back all clean nothing owed on it if I called to give it back.


I too have had a terrible experience with Drive Financial. I financed a 2001 Mazda Protege through them when it was brand new.

To date I have paid exactly $28,619 for a $16K car! And they still want $5300 from me for late fees! They called and harrassed me every day 5-6 times per day. They would actually call me names like "*** ***" and "deadbeat".

I am a responsible adult that has had some unfortunate events in my life.

This company is no better than the scam artists that were giving out mortgages to people that could not afford them! They should be shut down by the government!


I am so upset with this company. I have been out of work for over 1 year now yet I have made ever effort to contact them and make some type of payment on the account. Just like others, this company calls me 7-8 times a day and I speak to a different person each time who gives me a different “Rude *** comment” and I provided the EXACT same story "I don’t have a JOB".

I have incurred more dang late fees then the car is worth.

I am borrowing money to make the payments and right now I am 58 days behind. Now today, I CALLED THE COMPANY myself to find out what I needed to do to Voluntarily surrender my vehicle because I just can’t afford it and I CAN NOT continue receiving the HARRASING PHONE CALLS and the DISRESPECTFUL, RUDE, CONDOCENDING, BELITTLING, AND INMATURE BEHAVIOR that the supposedly "Professional Customer Service" employees provide.

When I asked for a CONTACT phone number or an ADDRESS to drop off my car, the alleged Account Manager “Rodney” told me I needed to wait until my car note was 60 day behind and it will be transferred to another department who would be able to handle that. So in a very soft and calm voice, my question to him was:

"Are you telling me that I have to wait until my car goes into a different collections department instead of me being proactive and trying to prevent that process by handling it today with a voluntary surrender." he told me, "There is nothing he can do for me today other then document my concerns and try to get a payment within the next two days" (as he signed, talked over me, raised his voice and appeared to be irritated by the fact that I wanted to surrender it).

Now how much crazier can this get? I’m trying to me a responsible person by calling your company and telling you to come and get the car but you can’t give me a phone number, a contact person or even a destination for drop off... I have to wait for 50 more phone calls from your company with the threat of REPOSESSION and it being transferred to a different department before I can get some assistance.... I even asked to speak to a Manager but his response was "I am the Accounts Manager and there one else here for you to speak with." (as I hear a female in the back ground coaching him on what to say)…….WOW!!!!!!!!!! is all I can say right now.

I'm at my wits end... I need to make a FORMAL complaint. I am stressed beyond belief and don’t feel that I need the extra BS from this company. I will never purchase another vehicle from this company again.


Lets get a class action going. The need to be taught that bad business ethics will not be tolerated.


I live in Australia and I am a victim of the EverWhite Panama scam (teethwhitening products). I ordered their free trial toothpaste and paid for $4.95 delivery charges using my Visa card.

They deducted $4.95 from my bank account but never sent me a thing! Morever, in a week they debit my account for $103.95 and still did not send me anything. My bank launched a dispute against these transactions and I cancel my bank card.

Be aware and don't fall for this SCAM! They are from USA or Panama.


io have hadf problems like this also but i know how to deal with them i filed against jack apple jr a few years ago and had him shut down and also he got fined 750,000 dollars from the Texas DOT,and lost his license to operate in the state if Texas,i urge all of you to write your state congressman,all state news papers,attorneys,state atty general,tv stations,radio,CNN,just put so much bad publicity on them they will run and hide forever


I have been ill and have not paid my payment on time . My issue is I have ask Drive not to call my job .

They call at least 4 time each day. They call my home at least 3 times a and fried at least 5 times a week. when I say I am at work and can not talk to them they begain to talk about my account . I have called and ask if we can make a payment arrangement.

I was told they don not make arrangement. I want to pay them but I will loose my job if they continue to call


I have paid my bill on time since i bought the car. I pay 308 a month however my statements show that I pay 100 or less a month.

I asked why and was told because my payment was late. When i provided proof of payments made on time, they couldn't come up with a reason and i was told thats company policy.They refused to answer any questions concerning my account. I really dispise this company.

they are rude and unprofessional rip offs. I urge you, please do your research before you use this company.


this company is a scam.... worst ever. hope they would go bankrupt




I agree they have got to the most rude and unprofessional group of "things" I've ever known,my pymnts are on time and still receive harrassing ph calls from the automated answering service. I hope they go bankrupt !


I financed the purchase of a car three years ago through Drive Financial. Original loan amount was $13,000.

Have paid over $12,168 in payments and still owe $10,000!! You do the math. Think they have made enough money on me?

I still have two more years of payments!! Where can I find a company to refinance my balance and dump these financial thieves?

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