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Ok. Ijust finished reading about this wonerful, caring, forgiving company....NOT.

I guess I should have stopped the loan process when the dealership kept calling me with anohter reason why I had to put more money down....well after $2,500.oo down in cash and $3,000.00 in my trade in I finaly was ready to I thought. Well after 3 months of enjoying my car I had a repo guy show up at my door wanting the car. I guess the payments I were sending were not geting received. They were money orders.

I called on them, they'd been cashed by them.

So after a huge conversation and 3 additional car payments I wake up to my car gone. YEP they took it in the middle of the they want the 3 month car payments I made that they show I didn't make or show a history of the other 3 car payments I mad too....if I didn't have so many miles between me and the companay I'd be at their door step pulling me off the supervisor I just got off the phone with.....I'm almost tempted to not give a hoot and let them keep the car and not give them a penny....but then credit goes bye bye....isn't there anyone out there that knows of anyone that help people like us that doesn't cost a arm and leg to have them help us?????

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some atty's don't charge you if you sue, they charge the company or take it out of damages. Protect your credit. They sound like a horrible company.

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