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I just looked at my payment history and noticed that out of the 5 months of payments I have made at $632 per month, only $600 of that money has gone to pay off the principle! The rest went to interest!

Seriously, I don't have A+ credit, but I don't have horrible credit either. My last car loan I was never late, and obviously had a better interest rate. What the F is the interest rate on this! This is crazy!

It would be nice, just once, for a company who alledgedly "works" with those with off credit, to actually HELP people fix their credit! Imagine that!

Monetary Loss: $631.

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Drive Financial sucks!! They don't work with you; they just try to rip you off.

They make your original car cost twice to three times as much. I hope they go out of business!


I love reading about when people snivel that they get ripped off by the big bad car dealers lol. If you are that *** enough to sign for a car loan with %24 interest rate then you got what you deserved! It was there right in front of you in black and white and you signed for it. Your emotions and desire to have the car over road everyday common sense. So lick your wounds and move on. Or you can try to minimize the damage and have the car refinanced.

So don’t get pissed off cause you made a moronic decision. There are many resources on line to calculate auto loans.

:( :(


I am totally frustrated with Drive Financial, I bought a truck in Dec 2007 for $25,000, been paying 20 payments at $618 per month..well guess what? I still owe $22,000 as of 09/ rip off.


our interest rate with them is 24%


Same thing here! I was told one thing and something happened the just blew my mind!

I had paid for three years, which is what i was told the contract would be. I now have three more years to pay!

Can you imagine a $36,000 Honda Civic! Because of the intrest rate.


I actually like drive financial. It has worked for me with no problems.

I guess it's because I pay my bill on time! :) :grin


They sell over-priced cars, take astronomical down payments, sell subpar vehicles and then proceed to harass their duped consumers with a smile. I was told by a Loan Manager that Drivetime formerly Ugly Duckling always reserves the right to reverse a loan if "it doesn't work for them". Funny, I decided my car/loan wasn't working for me when the car cut off 4 days after I purchased it. I called and asked if I could return the car- unfortunately I wasn't afforded that option. P.S. The repo man showed up before Drivetime could even post a late fee to my account (payment was 9 days late) because I don't have time to entertain their stalking employees when they start calling EVERY DAY ALL DAY ON EVERY PHONE NUMBER THEY CAN FIND FOR YOU once your payment becomes half a second late.

Oh yeah, they wanted to keep the

$2, 000 down payment I gave them not a month prior for their trouble. (That's when they told me they have the right to reverse the loan if they feel like it). They are vultures who take advantage of consumers...bad credit or's ridiculous. I hope Drivetime goes the way of The Big 3 soon...

You turn no into sure do, don't you? :( :eek

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #60068

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It's people like you that put us into this financial meltdown. Thanks :( :cry


Sounds like someone didn't read the contract before signing.

Nearly ALL notes have higher interest at the beginnning, and taper off at the end. For example, my 30 year house payment was $850 with about $600 of that interest for the first few months. Toward the end, i was paying $850 with only about $30 being interest.

This is how people get into debt problems--signing notes without reading the fine print, or as in your case, not even knowing the interest rates and how they work.

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