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I went into Carmax two weeks ago and was told that my husband and I were approved for a car and all we had to do is show proof of income and make the down payment they requested.Well now in the past couple days they said they have a problem because my income was from unemployment benifits which was put in the application at the time of purchase.

We supplied everything they asked for and now they said I have to show proof that I will have income for the whole year of 2010. Can someone tell me how this is possible??? Whether your a person that is unemployement or working can not show proof that they will have the same income for a year that has not passed yet. I have never been asked to supply anything like that before, not even when we purchased our home....

Now Carmax is saying they might not fund the loan after they took our money and were told the deal was settled...I am going to contact the BBB and a lawyer because this is not right...

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Written by I sell cars, these are the jac, on 08-01-2010 10:44

You're a mentally retarded person, assuming that an out of work white collar worker can go right out and "get a job".

Just as the other person said it, it's easier getting a job at a car dealership slithering on your belly than getting a computer programming job, in economies like this.

And, it's people whose credit has been dinged that KEEP YOU IN A JOB.




Just like the other jack*** that commented.If you read the full complaints you would of noticed that being on unemployement benifits wasn't the issue....

The issue was they wanted proof of income for 2010 which if you relized, has not passed yet. So, Mr. I sell cars with the rest of the *** artists, can you show proof of income that you have received or worked for yet. By the way, I am on umeployement benifits because I was laid off after nine years of hard work for this company, so not everyone that is unemployed are losers or idiots.

I pray it happens to you so day because maybe you will smarten up and realize not everyone got bailouts like the car and truck industries. That's the only reason why you have a job. Understand what is being said before you respond so you can respond correctly. If it wasn't for people like us along with others that haven't been affected by the economy you dumb*** wouldn't even have a job.

I would like to know what dealership you work for?I bet it doesn't have good customer service that is for sure.


Got lousy credit, never pay bills, and wonder why they have trouble getting a loan. Well PAY somebody that you borrowed money from and see how that works for a change you unemployed ***


Get Real!What country are you in?

I have been trying to find a job for a year. How about you go back to school and learn how to spell. If you read the full complaint that wasn't the issue dumb***. You must work at a place like McDonalds if you think it is that easy right now to find a good job.

When your educated and make a good salary it's not as easy to find a job.

Unless I want to work at McDonalds with your *** ***.No thank you.





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