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Original loan thru HSBC...After the fact I find out account was sold to Santander,they told me not to make any payments until I got a payment book.Out of nowhere Drive starts calling every 20 minutes.Didn't know who they were so calls were ignored.Out of work 5 weeks from emergency surgery..back to work only 1 week and got rear ended at a red light and spent 5 days in the hospital from severe neck and back injury.Sent home under heavy sedationMuscle relaxers and potent pain pills.Can't focus eyes or walk w/o assistance.Answered phone and witch from Drive DEMANDED IMMEDIATE payment,explained situation and she said if I could pick up the phone then I COULD and BETTER make the payment.Said to call me tomorrow.

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My car was suppose to be paid off next month, but in January I found that they were demanding "fees", for late payments. Every date they gave me, I'd have to send them proof they were wrong, so they just started telling me that I missed a payment....

"a long time ago". They refuse to give me proof and said I cant have my title - that's being held "hostage" until I pay. So, friend paid those unjust fees and BOOM - after, a whole set of "new/unfounded" fees popped up. I may never see my title, but they will never see the car....

Their Operation is illegal and I'm *** bent on proving it. If you wish to join me for a class action suit against them, pass this

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