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Ever since I got my car loan through Santander it's been awful even when I was paying on time. Then like everyone else we fell on hard times and had to file for bankrumpcy.

Since then we have not heard from them and when I call to get a statues of my loan they tell me they can't talk to me because I filed.

Little did I know that they have another name called "drive finachal" I questioned that cause my bill pay that is set up is for Santander and they went into my account and changed the name to drive finachal. They never told me they would that and like they said "we're not allowed to talk to you now" really no communicantion at all and when you do they treat you like dirt!

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Sedalia, Missouri, United States #1306847

Unfortunately, Your situation is pretty much the standard in most states that I know of. Yes, it sucks, but businesses listed in your bankruptcy filing cannot talk to you until the bankruptcy is settled in court.

There are ways to protect you from losing your car and allowing you pay for it.

I would talk to your attorney if it was me in order to find out what you can do related to the car, payments, contact with the company etc. I wish you well.

to Michael Sutton, Massachusetts, United States #1306859

Even after court and all they still refused to talk to me and frused to send me bills. My dad was the co-signer and they wouldn't even talk to him and he didn't file. I no longer have the car as my husband became a long haul truck driver and we only needed one car.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1266974

East River Drive Financial in 2003 I filed bankruptcy my car got caught up in it let's fast forward to 2016 I got a letter from the IRS on the 19th of December the car that got repossessed and got caught up in bankruptcy in 2003 got the thing from the IRS saying I owe them money because I didn't report a repossession, from Santander Consumer USA ,So so here's a heads up be prepared in about 13 years after bankruptcy if your car was involved in it a letter from IRS.

to Anonymous Sedalia, Missouri, United States #1306851

Maybe these are the laws in your state regarding repossession and bankruptcy, but my brother had to file bankruptcy and had his car repossessed, but never owed the IRS because of it. As a matter of fact, I cannot imagine what you owing money to the IRS has to do with the car.

I would talk to an attorney to figure out exactly what this is about to see if there is some kind of error. I wish you all of the luck in the world.


When i just did a payment through my bank is was to Santander yet it's posting as DRIVE FINANCIAL

to Anonymous Sedalia, Missouri, United States #1306853

If you look at your paperwork, Drive financial may be DBA (doing business as Satander), or maybe Satander was bought out by or is a partner of Drive financial and all payments go through a central account under one name instead of the companies/business holdings having all separate accounts in order to simplify the business's bookkeeping.

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