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Not exactly sure how we ended up with our loan being sold to some financing joint called by many names and phone numbers to include Drive Financial. We happen to pay this bill at the end of the month instead of the first when it is technically due because of how our retirement checks come in.

Three seconds past midnight on the "due date"; this company and all their fake company names and phone numbers begin their illegal harassing collection calling every hour on the hour or more frequently for about 12 hours/7 days a week. The few times I've actually answered the phone and told them to leave us alone - we will pay during the last week of the month and not sooner; they bullied and harassed me to give them my checking account number so they can debit the account- HA fat chance I would give these bastards one more second of my time much less my personal account information. It is my understanding that these creeps are horrible in all ways as verified by many many many of their victims. I have contacted the Florida Stae Attorney General and was told that I needed to start answering all calls to document the various names and numbers belonging to Drive Financial - which I did, and now the State of Florida is going to do their magic.

This organization of jackasses and bullies is breaking laws regarding the collecting process. Don't know if I'll ever hear anything - but it might be sort of slowing down.

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Found this information online:

Where to find more information

The Federal Trade Commission does not resolve individual problems between creditors or lessors and consumers, but it can act against a company if it sees a pattern of possible federal law violations. If you have a complaint that may involve a violation of consumer protection laws administered by the Commission, write to: Consumer Response Center, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580. You may also file a complaint to your state attorney general or retain a lawyer and file suit.


Hi Brad! I see you reading all these posts!


Yep, you're right Tom. The only department that was open over the holiday weekend was the collections department.

That department NEVER shuts down. It's the processing department that has the "bankers hours". If you don't get the payment in on the date specified, before end of business day -- they put you off. And then they treat you as if you are are a ***.

I find it amusing that the folks I talk to at Santander/Drive Financial really don't have a clue as to what they are doing to the folks that they come in contact with. It must be an extremely difficult job they have -- always being so nasty and rude. Everyone that I have talked to: Jaquelyn, Thaddeous, Kenda, Brandy, Robert Lee, Erica, Kathy, Yolanda, and a "Mr. Mays" have all been extremely rude and it is frustrating trying to talk to responses such as "I can't do anything more for you" and "I can advise you but we can't help you" type of stuff.

I didn't let them have my checking account number or routing number, but I sent them the payment through Western Union. I talked to them today and had a 3-way conference call with them and my lawyer. It seems that they shut up pretty quickly when they are being monitored by somebody other than the customer.

I would suggest (which was the advice that my attorney gave me) that you document each and every phone call, the coversation and the person you spoke with.

That way, when a lawyer contacts you about the harrassment, you will be able to give specific names, dates, times, and the conversation. According to my lawyer, there is a big shot law firm in Nashville, TN who are in the process of determining if they have enough documented cases against this company.

Please, keep up the complaints, document the abuse and then hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) the law firm will use you and your information against the illegal tactics this company uses on it customers. We are their CUSTOMERS and they are suppose to assist their customers -- not beat them up.


Today is Memorial Day. Mail did not run today.

Yet this place called MY home 5 times in 3 hours. First 3 times I didn't answer, let it go to voice mail. 4th time I answered and didn't get anyone on the line. And this last time they called (5th) the lady couldn't hardly speak english and I told her that today is a holiday, the check should be there tomorrow, and NOT to call my house again.

It really *** me off they have to call that many times in such a short period on Memorial Holiday. (Payment is 2 days late).


Don't listen to Brad. He gets off by bad mouthing folks on this forum.

He's a child trying to act like a parent.

I agree, Drive Financial/Santander/some other name have different names, different phone numbers, etc.

They screw everyone over so just ignore "Brad". He probably works for them.


Maybe if you weren't such a "blame it on everything/everyone" loser you wouldn't be getting calls from people who have the nerve to actually want what is owed them. Here's a suggestion: come out of retirement and earn your house back.

to Brad Fort Worth, Texas, United States #595433

Make your payments and nobody calls you. It's easy to understand.

You agreed to BORROW money. Pay it back, dirtbags.

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