I was heading to work this evening when I found out that my car wasn't parked where I left it...on my drive way. I panic and thought someone stole my car....oh no!

I was advied by the cop that my car got REPOED! I was so disgusted when I heard it and very ANGRY! I was never late for once nor missed any payment at all!

Now I'm battling with this company to get my car back and pay my loss wages!!! Is there anything anyone you can advise me what would be my next step???????

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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in all fairness i have to say that drive financial financed my Benz,my dream car and yes the interest rate was high but is the price you pay when you are a high risk. i was laid off 3.5 years after i purchased my car and when i called to have them pick it up they worked with me.

modified my loan for a cheaper note that i could pay. they did alright by me and i might add that the car look beautiful and it ran just as well!


same thing happened to me their full of sh-t I dont advise anyone to finance with ur compny

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