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When we first got our car my husband ended up in the hospital with heart problems. We ended up with over $100,000.00 in medical expenses and no insurance.

We tried to explain to Drive the problems we were having. They didn't care. We made double payments to them, even that didn't stop the phone calls and the stress they were putting on top of everything else we were going through.

They'd call four to five times a day. They still call my work, even though my boss got on the phone and told them not to call me there.

They threatened to repo our car because we were $80.00 short on a payment of $1055.00.

We've paid them over 7000.00 on our car and our balance is more then what it started out at.

I say....if they want my 2007 Chevy Impala with 55,000 miles on it and blue books for less than $9000.00 with a balance of $17,000 owed on it......then COME and GET IT!

My husband and I can't stress over it anymore. I won't let it kill my husband.

Oh and guess what, they left a message saying we qualified for the fresh start program too! I'll get right on the phone and make that call!

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Of course any company in this line of business hears sob stories all day long whether they are true or not. I'm sure they are hardened to them.

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