I recently financed a car with Drive Financial and it has been the worst experience ever. I had to file bankruptcy to save my home in this difficult financial times, and Drive Financial refuses to send me statements or a payment book/coupon.

I hate them their customer service sucks!! I also have NEVER been charged $10 dollars to make a payment online for convenience fee. Maybe for making it on the phone. They could careless about your concerns or how their rudeness effects you.

I spoke with Jake and explained that it would make much more sense to ensure proper routing and posting of payments to send me a payment book. He said sorry you are in bankruptcy and hung up.

The nerve of this company, I work in customer service and I try my best to treat everyone as I wish to be treated. They simply do not care.

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:zzz pay your bills and go get a real loan


Tommy is right - I was in the midle of a bankruptcy, and Drive was listed on the Bankruptcy - they wouldn't speak to me - they are not allowed to, but in my case, I was my own attorney, so they should have. My car got repossessed in the middle of the bankruptcy, which I am checking in to.

They say had the right because they repossessed on the 46th day, and according to my states law (VA) they had to wait 45 days to repossess the vehicle. Just waiting now to hear from them, but not sure if I will because every search I have done for this company comes up with complaints. I really have no complaint while making the payments, they were willing to give me a loan at one of the worst times in my life; I had just had another vehicle repossessed two months before and had just spent 6 weeks in the hospital and had no money to put down. I made every payment on line and had no problems with that - other than most of my payment was going towards interest and NOT principal.

Glad I included them on the bankruptcy. They contacted me constantly through mail during the entire process, sending statements - looking in to that also as creditors are not allowed to try to collect during a bankruptcy.

Just glad to finally have them out of my life - gosh, if they would have given me one more week - I was in the process of trading in that car - they would have gotten a heck of a lot more money out of it than trying to sell it at auction - HAHA, I am not responsible for the balance due AFTER they sell it.... Their Loss!!!


Don't feel bad about not receiving a payment/coupon book. Drive doesn't send those to ANYONE (bankrupt or not). I requested a payment book at the beginning of my loan and was told they only generate monthly statements.

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The reason they will not talk to you is because you filed bankruptcy. They are not allowed by law to talk to you.

You need to have your attorney call them and arrange it.

They are simply following the law. Even if you do not include them in your filing, they still cannot talk to you until you decided to reaffirm your loan.

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