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These morons are reporting my account over 30 days past due with a 0 balance past due when all of my payments have been on time. These douche bags say that I was late in Sept of 2007 and are now just getting around to reporting it...this is Bull S--t!!!!!!!!

This company even screws the on time paying customer with *** like this...don't use them you will get screwed.

Oh, I have to type more about these morons, not a problem. When I called the other these "f" heads kept me on hold t=for twenty minutes.

The DA on the other end did not even know her own a-- from a hole in the ground, talking about an ***...I what my credit report to show accurate information. I was not late in FEB of 2009 or even before that.

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Being a former F&I manager I can tell you that Drive financial is mainly used to finance people that can't get financed anywhere else. Your credit is probably as bad as your language and grammar.

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