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Drive Financial, now Santander are not only CROOKS, they also violate Federal Bankruptcy Laws and Statutes.

This company violates Chapter 13 (Reorganization) laws. They repossessed my car, against a federal court mandate while in Chapter 13. They've collected from me $17,000 for a used vehicle that is 4 years old, with a book value of $500. They are still getting paid under the Chapter 13 Plan, but repossessed the car anyways violating fed. statutes and court orders. They ended up returning my car after my attorney contacted them.

Drive/Santander should be shut down. They won't offer a loan modification in today's economy, unlike other finance companies. Their fees are excessive and they try to intimidate its customers by force. Never use them.

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I financed a car thru this company. only had it about 3 mos and it was totaled due to an accident.

my insurance company paid the loan except for about $200. we were never told that we owed them anything. we assumed that the debt was fully paid according their agent. They put on my crdit report that the debt was charged off for the full amount of $9200 instead of the smaller amount.

i offered to pay the $200 so that it could be removed form my credit report.

Now i cannot get a car because they are claiming that the entire amoutn was charged off. of course you do know that the person who i worked with is no longer there.

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