Drive Financial what a joke! I had made payment arrangements with these crooks when the then decided to debit my checking act.

early. Of course not planning this early withdraw I then had multiple checks not clear. I called Drive and they basically told me it wasnt their problem. You have got to be kidding me.

I have recieved phone calls at all hours day and night. I had come up with enough to pay my pymt minus the phone fees but was told that it could not be removed and my pymt would just not clear the bank. Again why are these idiots in business? if I would have known how bad they treated customers I would have never bought a new truck through them.

The sad part was I have never been late with them but that dont seem to matter. They will still *** anyway!!

Please close this place down!!!

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Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51505

as for heckter g you are a loser and cannot even spell it :grin Drive is for people who at the time don't know any better and don't know about other options. I too had problems with bank as you did.

Any other respectible company as long as you make an arrangement and call in time to cancel the EFT will do it, no problem.

I am sorry I ever gave them my bank account info. :cry


drive finacial is for loosers, anyone qualifies as long as they have a job and are willing to pay high interest rate.

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