Chester, West Virginia
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I bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota, I was working good and making good money. Work started to slack off and I knew that I couldn't make the payments on the truck. I called and told them to come and get the truck or give me a place I could drop it off. They told me that they didn't want it and I would have to find a way to make the payments, this went on for several months.

One morning I woke up for work and my truck was gone. I called the police and asked if it had been reposed and they said yes. I called Drive and asked them where the truck was so I could get my stuff out and turn in the keys. They told me the truck was in California and I live in Ohio. I asked them how the got it their overnight. They told me that it might be in one of their holding facilities.

I never got my stuff out of the truck and and ended up paying hundreds of dollars for all the items I had to replace. All I wanted was to get my stuff out and turn in the keys and they didn't want to cooperate. They are ***!!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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