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I'm looking in to chapter 7 0r chapter 11 for this loan i am paying 515.00 for a KIA spectra i should be driving a Lexus i cannot believe this company exists shut it down anyone i can speak to or help me with this problem i would greatly appreciate it they harrass you daily I have a new born could not work for three months i sent them as much as i could every month they had no help for me i was never late up until i was ready to have the baby and i wasn't late i just couldn't send it all and pay rent for those months these people suck and i wouldn't recomend them to anyone they can call all they want i just dont care anymore im looking to refinance right away *** them people excuse my language

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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I got rid of the kia now I'm in my own house with my 14 month old and I'm pregnant again driving 2006 lincoln navigator because times aren't hard anymore and I don't deal with drive financial. so ha ha haters


Sorry, but have to agree with Amy. It's all about choices we make.

We teach one year olds about "bad choices" and "good choices." If you can't afford a baby, don't have one. If you can't afford to pay back a loan, don't get one. My husband and I would love to have more than one child, but we choose not to because we feel we don't have enough money to give two children the life they deserve. We recently bought a kia, not because we loved the car, but because we could afford it.

Oh, and by the way...our payments are under $250 a month because we make good choices and live within our means so we CAN pay our bills on time.

Take some responsibility. Adults don't blame everyone else but themselves.


:roll I have been making payments to drive financial for about 3 years for an '02 buick century. I have had alot of financial problems during this time and have been late on my payments over 90% of the time.

There have been a few times that I have been 3 payments behind. Yes, I get many phone calls from the company wanting their money, but that's my fault not theirs. Drive Financial has high interest rates because they specialize in high risk auto loans. They could have repossessed my car a long time ago, but they worked with me every time I was late until I got caught up on my loan.

Also Tarad, if your credit was bad enough for your Spectra to be 515 a month any reputable Lexus dealer is going to laugh you off their lot.

Everyone has hard times, but that doesn't mean we can put our bills and resposibilities on hold. If Drive wouldn't have financed me I wouldn't have a car and any customer service rep that I have talked to has always been proffessional and fair.

Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51510

Oh, my. You dr.vw and amy.

WTF is your problem. No the rest of us do not. And you are crast. Alot of people are having financial problems, even people calling themself well to do.

And who the heck said that this woman was on welfare or anything of the such??????? Get your facts straight! Sounds to me like you aren't supporting shi# for her and that is why she is having problems. This company is a loan shark company and set you up for failure.

And it is none of your business to tell someone they should not get pregnant. I feel that is out of line and you sound just like you work there!!! :( I have to get off of here because I am really getting irate over some of these peoples comments on here. I am sorry you had the unfortunate luck to get involved with this company as I did.

I do very good with money and I am very smart and educated, but shi* happens to people who don't have mommy and daddy catching them when they fall or ma ma and papa helping them with cosigners and loaning money! You people who comment are scrounges and losers that beg and borrow from people who it is not their responsibility to help you.

YOu are grown, at least I think. :grin maybe not since you don't know how the real world is.

Dundas, Ontario, Canada #49387

December 29, 2008

Who set-up my payments they are too high!! Plus the car Ins was 109.00 now it is 166.00. Cut my payments down!!

Mrs. Looby



So many of the complaints on here go back to one thing- PAY YOUR BILLS....the rest of us do.


How about you take some responsibility for a loan that you took out and could not afford. You can't go the Wendys and pay for 1/2 a hamburger you ate the come back in a week and pay for the other 1/2.

If you can't make good financial decissions don't get pregnent. I as a tax payer don't want to support you, your kid and your car.

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