I have had my vehicle with Drive Financial for over 2 years. As a single mother of 2, I was very blessed to find a company that is more than willing to work with you as long as you communicate with them, and do not AVOID their phone calls.

As with ANY company, of course late fees will accue after a certain date. Also there will be collection calls, many of them being the automated system due to it showing that you are deliquent. I have never had the experience of dealing with a rude employee. Not saying that there are not any, but as the situation may be the problem may be with yourself.

I can't understand all the negative things people are saying, when I have not experienced any negative attitude within over 2 years of dealing with this company. Try looking from the outside in, if someone owed you a great amount of money and you needed it to operated, what would you do to get your money...

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Funny how everyone who has a complaint,successfully isnt paying their bills ontime. Tactics are a major issue with any company, and sure there probably are some situations that are uncalled for, but bottom line is "PAY YOU CARNOTE ONTIME, AND NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN" Im sure everyone has unfortunate situations, but read your contracts before signing, so you wont look so "***" when you file a complaint, and you agreed to the majority of it when you signed.


:( I have talked to a few people who were nice, but the majority of those I have spoke with are ignorant and rude. I called them and made a payment on a monday, they asked for my work number, I provided the number, as they said they needed it for their records only and they would not be calling me at work. On wednesday I received a call at work from no other than, you guessed it Drive. The person that called me asked a few questions to verify my identity, I then told her this was my work number, and I would prefer for them to not call this number, her response was, I would prefer you made your car payment.

What? Did she really says that? I then said "everytime I talk to one of you people, your nasty" she says "what do you mean you people?" then she made it into a racist issue and would not let it go. I finally hung up on her as she continued to harrass me. less than a minute later she called my cell. I ignored the call, fearing I would blow up on her while I was at work.

I don't see how these people can call and treat me like this. And it is all the time, no matter who I speak to.



I am not sure what some of you folks are talking about. I mean, I pay extra payments my first year.

I paid by check and all my checks got there. They called me everywhere when I got behind...and yes that can be annoying but they were willing to help me when I requested an extension. I have only had good service from them. They have repossessed my car twice (things happen) and I just gathered some money and got my car back both times.

Now, I am a few months off from paying my car off.

Take blame for what you have done to have the unforunate incidents you have had. Like the lady said; keep in contact with them!


everyone on this site is telling the truth except for the lady that said they are great I don't know who the **** she has been talking to. They are RIP-OFF and I filed a complaint against them with the BBB.

Now matter how much you pay on you account it never goes down never. I am looking further into this cause like one lady said they are doing some iilegal stuff.

I'm going to see what I can do about filing a bigger complaint against them if we all band together and confront Drive Financial they will have no other choice but, to lower these interest rates. They are rip offs.

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #52555

its not THIS company that charges fees to pay over the phone its ALL major corporations. You must not work for one of those companies.


for the fool that say that are great you need to be in a mental institution


:( I think they suck, heck you can't pay extra payments the first year to lower your loan interest amount. They charge you to make a payment unless you let them take it out of your bank or you have to pay by check.

I think they hope you will be late or that the check gets lost.

I will never use them again for anything! And most people use credit or debit cars these days.

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