I lost my home and all personal items and my job and had 8 feet of water in my apt and I lived a shelter for 2 months and tried to work with them and they just took my car and told me I was a dead beat and "my kind" got "washed up to Dallas" and they don't want to work with me, and hung up on me. They were rude and nasty to me and when I started to cry he told "boohoo" and hung up on me.

This is the worst group of people to deal with they give loan sharks a bad name.

I was paying 500.00 a month for a car that was over inflated and at 19%, the car was in my daughters name and I co-signed and they told me we were *** and good to get rid of us. I will tell anyone you don't need a car that bad.....walk away from them.

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Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51500

I think the way these people that work for drive and talk to people in such a beligerant manner are just making the whole point of all these reports stronger!!!! Losers, get a real job and a life. :grin

Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51499

Hey, these people are peice of *****. I can't believe that chip the beast would write such a thing.

I think they have seen themself on here and have a few people that work on here write ignorant shi$, because this sounds like something they say on their phone calls!!! I feel for you and I am sorry this happened to you especially after a disaster like that. They are the *** bags taking advantage of people who have had a hard way to go in life and are just trying to build some credit up and have a vehicle. If it was not for us they wouldn't have a job!!

Because anyone with good credit would laugh at this company and their antics. And "chip the beast", did mommy and daddy cosign and wipe you a$$ when you got out of school? Do you have granny and pa pa helping with your bills? Or have you always been on your own and never had anything handed to you or noooo help?

Didn't think so. Saying we deserve that interest rate is unfound. We shoud pay 2x's the vehicles worth because we are hard working middle class people just as you are and you probably sit on you a$$ all day harassing famililies in sticky situations and driving them away with you unfound errogance so they do default!!!! What do you make, like 15,000/ year????

Carma is a Bit(&* and you my man will be sorry and realize what a worthless sob you are. God don't like ugly, whoever you may refer to as God and you are an ugly person. Hope you don't have a disaster and lose everything to your name or your company (Drive Financial) don't get hit by a hurricane!!

Oh, no, where could you get a job that condones the business techniques you people use. NONE


If all of you worthless *** bags would pay your bills, you would able to get financed with a primary bank. You desreve the 26% interest rate you turd stain on humanity. Drive rules and with your sorry a** credit you don't deserve to drive.

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