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Okay, so I got sucked into this old 91 Toyota station wagon due to the time because I didn't have enough money. The dealership is Mint Auto Sales, sold me the car leaving out the part who is financing me ok.

Mint auto sales told me because my credit wasn't so great I needed a cosigner, and so my sister cosigned it. Mint auto sales said I had to deposit 1, 500 for the 91 Toyota old station wagon and that the car is being sold for 4, 000 only. Mint auto sales said my monthly payment was only going to be 220 dollars because of my bad credit.

But here's the thing, if my sister who has great credits in her 800's, why am I paying 250 for a really old car. So they kept saying it was because of my original credit, and that my car is only being sold for 4 grand and they have a great business partner who would finance me the car for 4 grand, also that the more I pay the faster the car would pay off. They left out my annual percentage rate. The dealership didn't even really let me read the paper because he was flipping crazy fast, the Mexican guy said, "eh no worries man, you know the deal, it's basic stuff with you buying the car, need your sis to sign, you sign, and we offer this warranty and gap insurance that will cover you for any loss of the car value if due to repossessed, totaled in an accident, and when it can't be sold back for 4 grand, ya know."

So I bought the gap insurance/warranty.

Next I signed all the paper. Mint auto sale said I needed to put another 300.00 that includes my gap insurance, other fees they forgot to mention for the warranty incase my car breaks down. That the 1, 500 was not included with the gap/warranty. I didn't have the money but they let me drove it home and told me to come back in two weeks to pay the 300.00. I went back after two weeks for the 300.00 payment. The guy said I forgot to sign some paper work. Stupidly I signed it!

He even offered me full coverage insurance for 60.00. the first day I bought it too. I said, no hidden fees right, he said no. A week later the car insurance "broke insurance" sent me a letter saying I'm not longer qualify because I didn't make a full down payment, and that my first down payment was only 60.00 and I left out the 300.00 that was my monthly insurance payment. Yikes! What a scam.

Next my biggest nightmare came true. Drive off financial sent me a yellow card with the title, Drive Financial. I'm thinking that's not the full name of who I signed it with when I looked back at the paper work. Also, the yellow card was cheaply printed and hand written with the amount I would owe in 5 years. (interesting, 5 years) The whole amount was 16, 800.00 for the 1991 Toyota Camry. Now that's crazy. I couldn't afford to have worse credit than where I am at already since I'm screwed into this ***.

So I kept paying but up to the 2nd month. The lady from drive financial told me I was getting my car repossessed if I don't get insurance asap. I said, I have full coverage already, with progressive insurance. She said, "well I never got a statement from them, neither from you that showed you made a payment for full coverage, " I said yes, I will fax it again, which that's not really my job, but ok. She goes, remember, we don't care if you get liability, we don't care for all that happens to you, only our car. I'm like no *** *** ( in my head). I said "well yes I know that obviously, no need for your comment when I already have full coverage on the car."

I'm thinking what the ***, since when do they have me personally go fax them every month for insurance that I have already, omfg?

She adds on "hun, you are driving our car without any insurance as of this moment because you still haven"˜t faxed it yet (although the conversation was 10 minutes) we cannot take that risk" Although I paid it two days ago, and it has not been posted yet, unless the lady really did call, she would have known that it was paid, plus progressive is a well known great insurance that doesn't mess up usually, is willing to submit her that freakin information. So the lady kept arguing and arguing that if she does not receive a fax by noon my car will be gone. So I even had progressive faxed her.

Next she did that the next month again. I was getting really tired of their *** service. Somehow I fixed the problem that wasn't even a problem to begin with.

by the 4th month or 5th, I told drive financial that I would be a week late for my payment. The lady said ok, just keep me updated. Plus I always go in person to pay, and they're located on Madison avenue too. within

5 days, not seven days, my car got repossessed. I called, the lady said it was because I never made a payment within those 5 days, that I had no insurance at all because I didn't fax her the paper, she needed to be updated every month on insurance coverage. What the ***!

NOW I'm pissed off! First I got scam by Mint auto sales, who is their buddy, and by Broke insurance, and next Drive Financial who supposedly went by drive off financial so that I couldn't Google their business. NOW I call drive financial and say "I'm willing to pay for what the cars worth only. I'd like to refinance or else I'm not keeping that car, the lady goes "ha ha ha hun you're definitely going to have to make lots of payment towards the tow yard, and to us, and getting insurance." I said no, I'm only going to buy the car for what it is worth, you guys said 4 grand now 16 grand, that's a real big difference. Fyi, I told you that it was going to be a week late, and now the car is gone and there's a bill at the tow yard, I'm not paying the tow fee, nor the tow yard. If you were a smart business you wouldn't have tow a car just like that no more than a week, and honestly having people fax you every month for insurance coverage is crazy, and by causing me to have to pay a tow yard fee, what makes you think there would be more money put into the car if it's going towards a tow yard? Lastly why would you think a person would want to do business with you for all this trouble, plus you're just going to lose a car, lose business with me, why don't you just sell the car for a real deal and not lose any profit at all when I know you guys won't go back for the wagon when the tow yard's fee is going to be more than the car would be worth the longer the car stays there."

The lady said "***, I don't think so." Then i said *** you, and hung up. That was the end of our conversation. Anyway that was the worst shittiest business I have ever dealt with in my life.

That business needs to be shut down along with mint auto sales who is in business with them.

Later I got a message from drive off that I owe

16, 800 exactly. (where the *** did the other money go into?)

I went back to mint auto sales about my gap insurance and why do I owe anything. Mint says you never bought gap. I show them my receipt, mint says you never bought it, drive off financial bought it. I said why the *** would they buy that insurance to cover my *** and why do I get the receipt, obviously I bought it. Now mint says, ok, so if you bought it, it doesn't cover repossessed, it only covers total. I said, first of all, why would I need that when I already have full coverage insurance, that also covers my car if it got total.

Mint auto sales said, "fine you say what you want, we don't have a record of you buying a car from us, we don't have your paper work anymore than two weeks when you bought it. I said, well then that is fraud to begin with when you guys stated that if I was not satisfied with the car in no more than a month, I can bring it back. I recall back after the first week, it made some noises. Then suddenly my car wouldn't start until I've tried starting it like the 6th time. Mint auto sales didn't want anything to do with me seriously.

So again, do not do business with DRIVE FINANCIAL, MINT AUTO SALES, and BROKE INSURANCE (not brooke insurance fyi). I'm dead serious!

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why aren't u suing the *** outta them!?! All of them. This is crazy.

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