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If you are even one day behind (even if it is just because they haven't prosessed your check yet) these jerks will call you every day 10-15 times a day and harrass you until they get their money. Think you can just ignore the phone?

Think again after the 3rd call of the day that you don't pick up for they start harrassin your refernce list. How do they expect you to be at work earning money to pay them if you are at home answering all their ridiculous phone calls. I got into one of those finnacial situations (that many of us do) where I was a little behind with my payment due to some unforseen problems (which happend to be repair made to the dang car I was paying for). I called in advance of the situation to set upi payment arrangements and they told me that they would still have to call at least once a day to follow up.

Well they didn't call just once they called all day long in fact one time I was on my home phone with them and they called my cell phone. If you have time to sit by the phone and be harrassed go for it if not aviod Drive finnancial at any cost.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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