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All of these complaints. I'm betting you loved Drive Financial when your loan was approved.

Everyone hates the repossessor. No one likes to pay the bill at a Kroger's but boy oh boy do they enjoy going around and picking out all their favorite foods. It's the same situation when you buy a car. You pick it out and you pray "Please God, let this loan be approved." Then, when the first payment coupon comes to your mailbox, you throw it in a pile of other unpaid bills.

Thus, the need for professional repossessors. Then, when the repossessor shows up with his tow truck to take your car away because you didn't pay the payments, you want to cuss him and threaten him and bring out your guns. Several professional repossessors have been shot and killed by hostile debtors. Again, you are not putting yourself in other people's shoes.

What if YOU loaned someone the money for a new car and you saw them joy-riding in it and you had not received one payment from them after you loaned them the money to buy it. Wouldn't you be pissed off? Of course you would. If only people would realize that nothing in life is free.

NOTHING. It isn't the professional repossessor's fault that he has a job to do and the bank hired him to come and get the car that you are driving without paying for. So, you can tell your sob stories all you want. The truth is, if you don't pay your electric bill, you have no lights in your house and if you don't pay your water bill, you have no water and groceries aren't free and clothes aren't free.

So why are you so surprised after missing 3 car payments when you see a tow truck pull up to take the car back? Give him the keys.

Treat him with respect. He's just doing his job.

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I do not work for any finance company but I have met several repossessors who get blamed for working for finance companies. Everyone needs a job so they can pay their bills.

There is nothing illegal going on when a repossessor picks up a vehicle with a written assignment from the finance company. Now, if you feel like the finance company did you wrong, stop *** and hire an attorney.


:x Hello Drivetime employee:

The bottom line is you guys sell over-priced cars, take astronomical down payments, sell subpar vehicles and then proceed to harass your duped consumers with a smile. I was told by a Loan Manager that Drivetime formerly Ugly Duckling always reserves the right to reverse a loan if "it doesn't work for them". Funny, I decided my car/loan wasn't working for me when the car cut off 4 days after I purchased it. I called and asked if I could return the car- unfortunately I wasn't afforded that option. P.S. The repo man showed up before Drivetime could even post a late fee to my accuont (payment was 9 days late) because I don't have time to entertain your stalking employees when they start calling EVERY DAY ALL DAY ON EVERY PHONE NUMBER THEY CAN FIND FOR YOU once your payment becomes half a second late.

Oh yeah, they wanted to keep the

$2, 000 down payment I gave them not a month prior for their trouble. (That's when they told me they have the right to reverse the loan if they feel like it). You guys are vultures who take advantage of consumers...bad credit or's ridiculous. I hope Drivetime goes the way of The Big 3 soon...

You turn no into sure do, don't you?

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