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I have also had nothing but bad experience with drive financial they are rude and do hound the customer. I am financed @ 21% interest rate which should be a crime, but when my credit was damaged from lack of medical insurance by the other crooks the medical industry I had no choice as these *** are my last resort.

Please do not use this company ever!

Never even if your life depends on it. I am current on all my payments and they wouldnt even move my due date up one week!

Fear not though I will get refinanced soon enough and Obama will deal with maggots like this company. Remember Drive You will answer to God one day so have your fun now!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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They wouldn't move my payment dtae either until I was current. Makes since huh.

You try to move your pay date so you can make your payment on time and they tell you no. How STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDD!

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