here is a new number i now have 4 diffrent numbers that they call from to mask there calls, here it is 1-214-540-0714 here are some others that they have used. keep in mind these were all in one day.

some of these calls were 5 min apart.1-888-222-4227. why in the world would you waste time calling if you never leave a message.this is a complete waste of energy.these people give themseleve the bad reputation.

by wasting there money on auto dialers and *** off customers. with the goverment closing in on control of there business they better watch out.

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Days, nights, weekends, now even holidays in the middle of the night waking up the kids. Hmmm, what do you do? Even though they don't leave a message, when you punch the number in Google it comes up under their name.







so my husbands exwife has the car these idiots are looking for , she is the one not paying , they call me day and night from 8:01 a.m. until 8:p.m.

and when I explain I am not her they get rude , and then I say my husband called ONE TIME after we got a notice about repossession to see how far behind she was .

The service rep said, " well our system logs your number so it will take a while to get it out of the system"

well it's been 4 months. Please take the car she won't pay on it ..she has a court order to to do so , she thinks she is above the law.

and when they take it , she will call him whining that she needs his help to get it out AGAIN , well he won't help her this time , learned his lesson the last time.




We are a church and have never had a loan with them. We get 8 calls a day from various numbers.


They also picked up an HSBC habit of calling from cell phones, and strange numbers that are not even valid!

My phone logs all calls, and where they are from --- the latest one was from Keys, FL! and it is a FAKE number at 10pm!!!

Which if memory serves me right is now against federal laws as recently as this year last year if I read it correctly.

WHY is it SO hard to shut down these shady companies???

Anyone that has numbers for this place, should post them here for others to have in advance, or maybe even so that they can get blocked. Not that they won't get more -- they use a service that has a LOT of different numbers available to make calls -- they call into this system, it makes the call on a different number to you! Isn't THAT special?!?


This is two of the numbers from Drive Financial.




I have the same problem. I also have HUGE fees added to my account that come from no where.

Just after I did a remodification of my loan the repossessed my car! They gave it back, even delivered it after a very long call with a supervisor because they tried to tell me I had to go get it, and then tried to charge me for the repo fees. I have at least 10 different numbers for them and they call at least 10 times a day from all different numbers. They also call at 8 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

They are ridiculous. I like my car but may trade it in just to get away from Drive/Santander!


:eek whoa these people are awful.


If you don't recognize the number, don't pick up.


I have 15 different numbers so far from them. I will talk to someone and as I am talking to them I will get a call from the company.

How is that allowed.

Also I like when you read your statement that you always owe two payments to them. As I write this I had two more phone calls one from dallas the other from San deigo.

This company needs to go....


here is another number for them, 214-237-3670

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