Hello, I have a car with Drive Financial, now SanTaure?, I'm Unemployed and have missed many payments, I'm willing to send them, payment, now it's going to Court, I either, need to return the car, or pay my 9,000 dollar loan in full. I don't have that kind of money!, a Detective with Drive Financial says they want to work with me?

but not willing to negotiate payment arrangements, How is that helping me?, I'm very angry? I need my car to go to school and look for employment, I need help, I guess now I have to hire a Lawyer, with money I don't have.

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Common Sense must work for these crooks!


Please DO NOT finance a car through these people. They have all kinds of hidden information in the contract and most of the customer service reps are rude and they HARASS you beginning on the due date of the payment.

They also charge $14.00 a day interest fees after the FIRST DAY the payment is due until you pay the payment plus $40.00 in late fees. You will not find out any of this unless you ask and then they say, "It is in your contract." This was a dire mistake and I would not wish this company on my worst enemy. Please clear your credit and LOOK at the fine print. DO NOT!!

Under any circumstances use this finance company! I am just sick, this is a lesson well learned for me!!! The name has changed, but the scam is still the same. Also, the beginning interest rates are astronomical!!

to begin with. Please do not make the mistake I did!!!!


Too funny! Can't make a simple car payment but you're using the "Trailer Park Close" with the "I'm gonna get a laywer".

You're not getting a laywer and you know it, the entire world knows it! Get your lazy *** back to work!


Why is it "CREDIT CRIMINALS" never run out of excuses as to why they are always behind on car payments? Christ almighty!

Credit criminals blame everyone but themselves for their poor credit. It all starts at home you idiots!


Drive Finacial sucks!!

I had surgery a few years back, I asked them just to defer a payment for me.

I was on disability through work.

They would not even defer a payment due to surgery. When I called they said it had to be a serious reason why i wanted to do that, and that was one of their resons.

They told me that is not in my contract.

They do not give a *** about anyone, or anyone's circumstances.

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