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Thank you for this blog!I just came from the dealer.

Had some credit issues in the past and here we are. If you want this car, Drive Financial will be your bank. The finance mgr. tried to get me to take the car home tonight but made one mistake.

He said Drive would call me in a day or two to verify my loan. I said call me after the loan is funded then I will come and get the car. I do not do "Spot Delivery" and give them the opportunity to raise the price after the fact.

After reading this blog, I know I made the right choice and will save up a little more for a down payment and go elsewere.Thanks!

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A spot delivery and funding are 2 different things all loans even prime have to go through a funding process.Sub prime loan companies such as drive do a more in depth funding interview usually to double check facts that a dealer submitted on your application such as income vehicle options and residence information.

All sub prime banks do customer interveiws before funding a deal. this should not scare you. However a dealer that dleivers you without giving you copies of your paperwork should. Leaving with copies of your finance contract with numbers on it will prevent the dealer from trying to raise prices or change numbers after the delivery.

No bank will fund a deal without the customer having posession of the vehicle even if it is being detailed or repaired they want you to have possesion at time of delivery.Hope this helps

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