We have a 5 yrs loan and only 2yrs left on it and we owe $10,900. and a $100.

a month comes off the loan. You do the math and we called them and they said they couldn't disclose any imformation about it. Bull S**t. If They ever come to get this truck they will be leaving with just the frame.I might just build me a new truck with the parts.Three years ago when we purchased the truck the sticker price was $11,250 and our payments are $432.

a month and they say they are rebuilding my credit.

they are putting me in a black whole of debt . There should be a law against companies that work this way just like the credit cards.

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That sounds like our problem exactly. I feel like I will be paying on this car FOREVER!!!!


My husband sent $800.00 through Western Union to our mortgage co. and was accedently sent to Drive Financial, now they will not sent the money back to us, and we have no account with them. we can not aford to loose that kind on money, we were at risk of loosing our home.

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