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Drive Financial got my phone number somehow and they call me for someone not in my home. I have told them everytime wrong number. They keep calling. Even on Sunday morning when I was trying to sleep in for one day of the week.

They are harrassing and don't listen. They wake up my 7 month old grandson who lives with me. I don't even have a car loan. I haven't had a car loan in 2 years. My loan was with a real company - not their company. I have the title in hand.

They are very annoying.

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Same here. I have never had a loan with this company.

They are looking for some person I have never heard of. I have told them at least 8 times person to person. I think this wrong phone number thing is a scam.

If you look them up online its a constant complaint. I have had the same phone number for more than 10 years, its public record.

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