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I found out that you had lein on my car. I had the car pay off as of 4/10, but you all did not release the title.

My name is Opal Simmons. My phone number is (910)592-0073. I need you all too resolve this problem. My car is a 2002 ford esort that i got at the ford company in clinton.

They said that I to got to go thou you to get the title release.

I don't no why you all did not release my car. I can get loan or anything , because of this problem.

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Brandon, Florida, United States #663887

I am having the same issue with my title. only been paid off less then a year.

I keep getting pushed off of different people. when they payment


auto loan are little brief concept loans. What this means is that individuals only get out the little sum of money they ought to get by on. And it means that they have got to pay this revenue back again inside of a well timed way.

to bestautolenders Sedalia, Missouri, United States #1306861

bestautolenders (,

What you say is true, but A) the auto lenders should not be predatory, B) If payments are made on time, there should NEVER be an issue relating to having the car repossessed and having to pay additional fees to get it back, C) if people are struggling, the auto lender should try to help people keep their car by working with the consumer as long as reasonably possible and assisting with payment arrangements (after all this will create positive reviews and recommendations to gain new customers and create a loyal customer base....after all, the car is more valuable to the lender in the hands of the consumer instead of sitting on a lot or being sold for a loss at auction....and yes I know the borrower is still liable for the difference between loan balance and price gained at auction, but most borrowers who have this problem either file for bankruptcy or just don't pay it and wait until statute time passes and the debt is no longer relevant and then spreads negative words about the company potentially decreasing the customer base, and D) if the car is paid off, the title should be given to the owner within thirty days of the final payment being collected.

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