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I fortunately was able to pay off my car loan with Drive Financial.This company is not customer services oriented and I did not appreciate being talked down to by someone that could not speak understandable English.They always treated you like a second class citizen and I hope this company closes and never receives a government bail out.It was not all my fault that my credit became below sub par and I had to resort to using this company.Beleive me they did not do me any favors by approving my loan.I paid over 40.0 a month on a chevy cobalt.It was like driving a tuna can.

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I make all of my Drive payments on time. Guess what? THEY STILL CALL every six weeks trying to get me to PAY OFF the loan. I just took the loan last year - five year loan. LOL.

Proof positive: it doesn't matter if you make your payments on time. They are still going to call you. And don't think you can wiggle out of not answering the phone either. I finally decided: Hey, my car is insured, it's registered. I am employed making my payments on time. I have nothing to say to them. They cannot force you to pay off early because they are in a bad financial way. So I ignored their calls. They began calling ALL OF MY REFERENCES! Stating it was an "urgent personal business matter". My mom called me saying they had left 3 messages in two days. She said "Honey, are you having some money trouble" FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Please people are no different then the other subprime lenders. They are ruthless. I get that if you are late or miss payments they will call. They have a right. But that is not my deal, and they STILL call. It's frustrating. Here I am trying to do the right thing, and they STILL won't leave me alone.

My other major complaint with them is that the people they have calling. I don't appreciate being spoken to by someone who has barely 5th grade English skills. Ebonics is not a language! And, it is even harder to understand when I can't see your mouth moving. So speak ENGLISH. Please. :upset

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For the comments posted before. Apparently he has a job!

And you should not judge people, only one can do that. Everyone is getting to have bad credit now days, so if you don't want to deal with bad credit, don't loan them.

And especially like in my case don't loan someone who has bad credit 14,000 on an 8,000 vehicle at 24.99%!!!! Maybe people would be more inclined to keep up to the contract that they signed at a point of desperation and not knowing who or what they would have to deal with!


You're the *** that purchased the "tuna can". Quit your crying and shut up.


not your fault for having bad credit, then who's is it, mine? get a job and pay your bills on time

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