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I had been reassigned to Drive Financial from having the original loan from Triad. I had excellent customer service from Triad and they even worked with me when I had emergency surgery.

But I was transferred off to Drive and they SUCK on their customer service.I tried calling them on a lot of occasions to get the account set up but it takes them anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour just to answer the phone. I don't even get a statement from them on the balance and I don't receive any correspondence or e-mail from them. I have no idea how much I owe.

Also when I call, they sound like they are pissed to even talk to you about your account and act like it'll kill them to type up the information. Must be afraid of dinging their 150.00 nailjob!

Monetary Loss: $1850.

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yes these guys r charging me lik $400.00 + dollars for late fee that i should not even have. i need help

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