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On 2/13/2008 I was contacted by a representative of Drive Financial who wanted me to post-date a check for my payment. I REFUSED. On 2/19 & 2/27 Drive tried to withdraw money from the account which made the account draw 2-$30 NSF fees.

At first they acknowledge the error and asked me to fax copies of the transactions and they would reimburse. After they received the faxes they said that they would not reimburse the account.

I am not the primary on this account. That is why I have only used it once a long time ago. I send my payments via Money Gram.

I would like the account to be refunded the $60 PLUS remove any charges from my drive account 143612xxxxx that this has caused.

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i also have the same problem, i wanted for one a date change they told me all i have to do is make the first payment and from it will happen. til this day i never got the date change they constantly calling for payment.

and also i pay alot for my pt cruiser a month so i am in the same boat i guess like everyone else. what can we do about this.

Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51507

Me tooooo!!!!! It is illegal to mess with someone's account without authorization for the exact amount you authorize and most reputible companies actually record you giving he authorization and connect you with someone else to verify and if by the time you know you will not have funds available for any reason you can cancel it if it is in time, least I have heard was 72 hours and most 5-7 days in advance.

I agree with you and I am giving their peice of *** back. They should have never loaned a high risk buyer 14,000 for an 8,000 vehicle especially without knowing it has problems, previous accident, and used to be a company vehicle! They should do their homework! :p They are sooo rude and degrading they will never get another cent from me if I can help it and I don't care it it goes on my credit.

I will repair it later.

Already go another vehicle for alot less than payoff and it is twice as nice, which is helping build new credit up. Thinking about going bankrupt, but don't know much about it.


fhey did the exact thing to me and would not repay my od fees. they are complete rip offs and should be investigated by the FBI, I am sure they are doing something illegal .report them to better business bureau

Troy, Tennessee, United States #27887

I know how you feel they just did it to me but for 3 times the payment and I now have $150 in nsf charges.

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