I have had my car for almost 3 years and it appears my loan has not gone down even after I make payments. I still owe alot for my car.

I don't know what Drive Financial Services have been doing with the money but my balance is extremely high. It's like I'm making payments for nothing. No one can give me an answer as to why my balance is not going down. I don't know what to do about it.

I have considered calling the Better Business Bureau if I can keep up with the new name of the company.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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I feel the same way, they harrass you for late payments and then when you ask for help they say they can't give you any. My original loan was through citifinancial and they sold it to Suntander who in turn changed the whole agreement on my loan.

My original due date was the 14th of the month and they changed it to the 1st without any notice and then sent me a billing statement with late fees on it.

When I called them to find out the reason for the late fees, that's when they told me about the date change. So now I'm never gonna get caught up, I'll be paying for this *** car till i friggin die!!


This company spells the word, "Liar!" They are no good! My loan was sold to them by Citifinancial Auto, and I have had problems every since.

I called them about my payoff; they gave me a different quote five different times. They told me that they would knock off or take the late fees off of my balance if I paid the car off that particular day. So I did just that and when I called to check on my balance they informed me that I owed seven hundred plus dollars. When I reminded them of what they had said about taking the late fees off, they told me that they do negotiate payoffs.

So in other words, they lied to me about taking the late fees off and on top of that and they spoke to me as if I was not a human.

They were extremely rude and just plain ole nasty. I say yes, report them to the Better Business Burea because that is exactly what I am going to do.


My sister is having the same problem, she can not get them to give her a balance or a statement. And to top that off because she didn't have a computer they were smart mouthed and rude to her.


This Company needs to be investigated. We have only 2 payments left and our vehicle was repossed with no letter or anything from this so called Company.

Our notification was a knock at the door at 12:15 am from the Wrecker Service. There Customer Service sucks you talk to one person they tell you your acct is okay then you talk to another person and now were 2 month behind.

They need to go out of business. There personel is RUDE, INPOLITE AND UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!

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