Drive is a complete rip off. These people are crazy, they have an outrages fee of $10.95 to pay either over the phone or online.I thought is was supposed to be convient.

They are a total rip off. I had to pay $50 to get my payments up to date, plus a $10.95 fee. Then the women then got rude with me and told me, if I paid my bill on time, this wouldn't happen, I told her to get a supervisor..this *** told me that there weren't any there.


This company is a total rip off...do not finance with them!

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Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51516

I got a deferrment and was told after they gave it to me if I was late it would get taken away! Then another person said same and proceeded to try and force me to post date a payment.

Then another person told me the deferrment was already appoved and the previous people were incorrect. This is not the only time that I have been straight up lied to manipulate me into post dating a payment when it made no different if I paid it the day I actually had the money in the bank which I prefer to do especially in winter with husband in construction and it is harder to plan what bills to pay and how much without a consistant income. They always "disconnect" with me.

They are so rude and made me so mad I called THEM and told them to come get my van. VERY RUDE Can't treat people like human beings even if you are sweet as pie to them!


Y es they are very rude ! i was told by 3 diffrent people that i was approved for deferment and yet they keep calling saying no deferment is on record then i tell her maybe i should start recording the phonecalls since they cant seem to get it right , bottom line i was tricked into coming up with money i didnt have because they promised me deferment and to get me back on track , , last call was today and by the time she was done butting her nose in my business the convo ended with me telling her *** you come get the van , she still kept talking over me so i ended it with a go *** yourself and hung up, all this coming from a mild mannered guy that never gets upset or loses his temper , so you see how far their rudeness goes. i regret ever financing a vehicle : (

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