With so many americans out of work, why has this consumer tried to help the client they.

Why haven't they reduce interest rates, reduce phone calls. accept bi-weekly payments.

I needed a car to see my kids, but this company does not understand how hard it is to choose a stable credit rating, or feeding your children.

No it is all about the money and how much can they get and how soon can it come, when you are living on less than 60% of your orginial income then gives us a break to keep your company running.

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You're right, it's all about the money, that what any company is in business for. It's not a charity, you agreed to pay them back the money you borrowed at an astronomical interest rate (that you agreed to).

I don't know why you think they should help people keep their agreements. That's your job, do it!


first I do not work for drive. second there are always opportunities to improve yourself and for companies we need service from.

third are you entitled to a vehicle from drive?fourth did drive lower your credit rating? be fair , stop whinning, and realize you need to work on your situation more before a company might decide to assume your risk factors. fifth drive has always been fair, and worked with me as I always pay my bill on time. good luck with locating a dealer to help you.

lets stop complaining and start looking at how to solve our problems versus taking it out on someone without all of the facts. love they self and be true to they self....

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