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I am currently in iraq as a contractor and have been making my payments on time and just fine. while I was on R&R for 2 weeks in GA(10.2008) I called Drive Fin.

because I made it a point to start paying extra. a total of 3000.00 in 2 months and i noticed that my bill due date had not changed. when i called the woman at drive (who could not speak englsh) told me that i had months of NSF check on my account. that's bull $%@#.

I am clear 6 figures here and am making it a point to pay the car off (not to mention that the payment is sent through bill pay)and i told her i wanted to speak to someone who's first language was english because she clearly did not understand what i was saying or asking. she left me on hold for 20 minutes so i hung up and never called back i have no problem typing this complaint. I really hate this company.

they should close them down. K Star Balad Iraq

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I hate this company as well I had a major surgery in 2007 that I was going give 3 day notice I called Drive and ask if they could maybe defer 2 payment so that I was not behind the lady told me that if I made 55% of my payment they would not report me late however that was a lie and and they hit my credit report with a rolling 90 day bad mark on my credit. And then it took me 2 years to getting current after paying all the added interest and late fees.

They have lied and said if I paid xx amount on $ that they would defer a payment to make me current again and when I made the payment they said I could not get it. They a evil and are out to scan people for there.


I had the same problem a couple of months ago. Luckily, She kept you on hold.

The guy I spoke with hung up on me.

Drive Financial has the worst staff ever. They need to understand that they work for drive financial and dont own drive financial.

Castellar Del Valles, Catalonia, Spain #51511

Amen!!!!!!!! I feel that they want to talk all shi# about us working and paying our bills, well most of us do and shi# happens!!!

This is life.

Also maybe more of us would have jobs if they didn't take all the easy ones that someone disabled such as myself born here and only speaks english could do, which I don't think I would meet their qualification to be a bit$!!!! I think if you have a job in America, speaking to mostly americans, you should speak english plainly because there are plenty of people in this country that can and need a job.

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